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Students can practice vocabulary associated with aquatic animals, as.

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Title Past Simple and Past Continuous Type Board Game with 15 Sentences Target Structure Past Simple and Past. verbs present progressive, present.A game to practise past participles and the present perfect tense.Dominoes game to practice present perfect simple and present perfect. (PDF) C1 Complete lesson Skills: split.Present Perfect Tense English exercises to practice using the present perfect for experience.

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Procedure Divide the students into pairs and give each pair a set of picture.If we could anonymously send this PDF to everyone on our Facebook.

Students practice asking and answering questions using the simple present.

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Complete the present simple affirmative and negative sentences with the verbs in.Great Game 2 Present Tense, Great Game 2 Present Tense Pdf Download,.You can use the Present Perfect Tense to talk about things that happened more than once.Title Present Continuous Board game Type Board Game with 35 Pictures Target Structure Present continuous Target Vocabulary action.WELCOME TO ESL GAMES WORLD. powerpoint game templates, printable board games,. past tense games, present perfect games,.You can also answer the questions and use this for conversation.This role-playing game allows students to take on familiar roles and incorporate the present perfect tense in a fun and communicative way.

You must make a past tense sentence with the words in the square.Students use the present perfect continuous in a game based on jobs.

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Verbs: Present 1. 1.1 SIMPLE PRESENT 1. This is a good culmination game at a lower level,. such as a mixture of perfect tenses.

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The players move across the board and when they land in a square.E S L B A S E R E S O U R C E STeacher notes Present perfect board game Language point.Check out these printable present perfect worksheets for online and in-class use.Korean Job Board China Job Board International Job Board Job Wanted (Resume) Board Job Links Post Your Resume.Do you want to practise using the present perfect in English.

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Simple Past and Present Perfect - A nice review of grammar for the simple past and present perfect.Present Perfect Questionnaire 2 Ask a partner the questions below.

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